Angels Landing Yoga and Healing -
 Welcome to Angels Landing Yoga and Healing,LLC. 
 Angels Landing's mission is to bring healing, strengthening and connection of the mind, body and spirit using Yoga, Reiki, Shamanic Healing intuitive guidance, and other wellness and metaphysical techniques.
It is most common that medical issues are results from emotional imbalance from within. Regardless of what the cause is, it is my goal to assist the student or client in finding these imbalances, healing them, bringing them back into balance in mind, body and spirit.      
    Enriching the lives of others, empowering them, and the healing begins.. 

  ...thus the student becomes the healer.
 ALERT! Recently, my husband and I experienced a house fire. There were several things lost and we have to completely gut and rebuild the part of our house in which we live and is our home. When someone experiences a traumatic event or sizable life change, it is natural to go within to nurture themselves, contemplate what happened and what to do. They withdraw and retreat to take care of themselves and then create a new game plan, followed with all of the details of the process of rebuilding from the huge shift. That is where I currently am. I am open to answer questions, coach or send long distance treatments, but I will not be teaching regularly scheduled YOGA or group classes or seeing regularly scheduled private clients at this time. 

HOWEVER, I am teaching a REIKI I Practitioner class Sun, Feb 17th, Please see Reiki Training page for info or contact me via email Also, soon will be seeing clients for healing and coaching in person.

Thank you for your understanding. XOXO  Paula

Note- Medical advice and treatment should always be sought first.  Energy Practitioners and Yoga Instructors are not allowed to diagnose or prescribe medications. These therapies are designed to compliment and not replace treatment.