Angels Landing Yoga and Healing -
Yoga Classes
Each yoga class will be a unique combination of meditation, relaxation, strengthening and stretching.  The classes will strengthen the connection of the mind, body and spirit. I will gently guide you through each pose opening constricted areas of not only the physical body but also the emotional, mental, spiritual body.   It is our job to inspire as well as to challenge, and cultivate awareness as well as curiosity and to give each student what he/she needs. These classes are not about ego, or if you can do a pose or how good you look doing a pose.  They are about using the poses as a tool to connect with yourself and discover what your true blockages are. Then to move through them and honor them. Yoga is for all types and ages. Modifications can be made for all. 
Anyone can do yoga!
Yoga group classes 75 min

Tuesdays, 6:30pm-7:45pm
(see schedule for description)

Saturdays 9am-10:15am
(see schedule for description)

While we are under construction, I am holding yoga and classes at the Two Rivers Community House! Please see the calendar tab to see that schedule!
20 classes for $185
10 classes for $99      
5 classes for $55      
Walk in $12
*First time visiting Angels Landing- Free or donation.

Coming to take a class on your birthday? It's my gift to you to have a free birthday class!
*See schedules for dates and times classes are offered.

Yoga Therapy
Yoga therapy is designed to help those with specific injuries, diseases or conditions physically, mentally and emotionally. This will be done through Yoga poses, pranyama (breathwork), Yoga philosophy, Pilates, Myofascial release, Tai yoga techniques, Reiki, some Shamanic Energy work and other complimentary therapies.
All private sessions begin with a consultation. 
Together, we discuss what specific issues you may or may not have.  Some issues may be specific pains such as back, neck, hip etc. or it may be sought for dealing with extreme stress or emotional/mental issues.  Yoga therapy includes incorporating repetition of postures and breath in order to create neuromuscular re-education.  When approaching from a therapeutic point of view, expect to have more than 1 class to see a difference.
Yoga Therapy assessment-90 min -$75
Yoga Therapy session (may include some Reiki/Chios work) 60 min - $60
4 sessions for $200
** Yoga Therapy clients receive all group classes at no charge while seeing me privately and regularly.
Private/personal Yoga Sessions
Private yoga sessions are for those that prefer to have personal one on one sessions.  This session will be similar how a class is held but with it personalized to the student. 
I will also work with couples or families. This is a beautiful way to share the experience of Yoga and to bring you closer.
Yoga Benefits: (control click to open)
Yoga is not how well you can perform a pose or how good you look..that is ego, not yoga.  It is using the poses to find that which holds us back from reaching freedom, healing, and strengthening and finding peace and happiness inside our heart...finding our "dharma", or our life's purpose.
It is not the destination, but rather the journey...
Anyone can do yoga....anyone!
Mat Pilates Classes
Pilates was founded by Joseph Pilates.  Classes are continuous movements done on a mat to strengthen the core muscles and tone the abdomen, thighs and buttocks. This helps with back problems both as preventative and therapeautic. This class will also teach breathing and connection of mind to body.
Classes are 5 classes- $20
Saturday 8:15am-8:50am

Due to feeling ill there is no Pilates today, March 31st.
More information on Pilates and it's benefits: (control click to open)
  • Check with your Flex spending and HSA accounts for reimbursement!
  • Gift Certificates available!!!!