Angels Landing Yoga and Healing -
"I appreciate the atmosphere that is in Angel's Landing.  You have a very open aura filled with bright white light.  You are a gift to all of us with your welcoming calmness and sense of humor to lighten everyone's load.  I appreciate your "hands on" approach to help us experience the sessions correctly.  Your encouragement and focus on those needing a little extra care in hurting areas is deeply felt.  I have been doing faithfully doing some of the neck stretches and it seems to be diminishing the tenseness in that area.  Thank you.  The lower back strain is coming along nicely also.  Again, thank you for sharing your gift."
 ~ Ida

 "I love what Angels Landing has brought to me in strength, mindfulness and helping with my ability to find my center. You are a good soul for shining on so many people and I want to thank you for it :)" ~ Rachel

"Last year, I had been running and in training for a 10K run...after I completed the run, I had suffered with some lower back pain, that was pretty intense.  Instead of going to the doctor, I chose to see Paula.  After a thorough consultation with her on my issues, I started attending private yoga sessions.  The relief was almost immediate.  She worked with me and tested my abilities of what I could and couldn't do.  She took the time to prepare "homework" for me to do during the week between sessions with her.  I have continued to use what she has taught me, and have benefited greatly from yoga.  I would highly recommend Paula and her program to everyone.  She did wonderful things for me, and I will continue to use the knowledge she has passed on to me into the future.It's all true!  :)  You are a great instructor, and an inspiration to many.  You should feel very proud of what you have accomplished, and what you continue to accomplish.  Your freaking AWESOME!!!! :)" - Suzanne
Experience with Reiki ... 
"I had surgery on my wrist/thumb (basal joint arthroplasty) and a nerve was moved during that surgery.  As a result, I spent 2 days in the hospital with medical staff working to get the nerve pain under control.  I went home taking three narcotics and just barely keeping the pain tolerable.  I contacted Paula and set up a Reiki session for my hand.  After one session, I was able to stop taking ALL of the narcotics because the pain was almost completely gone.  I greatly appreciate the treatment that Paula did for me."

I see Paula for Reiki and Shaman sessions. Paula is a counselor, who takes the time to listen to what I have on my mind and helps me sort things through. While Paula works on me she guides my energy through my body  and assists where it needs to go. Paula is truly a giving person with her abilities Paula has helped me to learn how to let go and to forgive. Two most powerful tools a person should be aware of . At the end of each session Paula reminds me that she will not recall everything in my session within fifteen minutes!  With that I know I can trust Paula as she keeps everything confidential. Angel's Landing is a comforting place to visit!  Thank you Paula for all you do!" 

"As someone with multiple sports-related injuries, I have dealt with spinal problems for several years.  I began yoga at the recommendation of a doctor.  I have had both individual and class sessions with Paula.  As a result of yoga and strength training supervised by a non-traditional neuro-muscular & kinesio therapist, I have avoided multiple knee surgeries and have kept herniated lumbar disks stable over the last 10 years.  I have appreciated Paula's willingness to work with this other therapist, since I have encountered resistance from some traditional medical professionals.  I also appreciate the doctor who recommended the yoga and also referred me to the NMT/KT.  I guess he understands the need for some non-traditional forms of healing arts. After receiving reiki from various practitioners, I had heard incredible accounts of a friend who was seeing you regularly.  After nearly two years of grief & struggle after losing a very important person in my life, I came for a session, open to wherever the spirit led for my emotional healing & the physical ramifications of this deep grief including depression, weight gain, insomnia & chronic fatigue.  Immediately as our session began, my dear friend was present & had messages for me thru you which were so relevant.  I felt her presence leave & felt a wave of release, a sense of deep, deep peace & calm.  I have been of the belief that disease is just that...dis-ease and that the root is emotional, undealt with until it manifests with physical symptoms which can not be ignored.  Western medicine concentrates purely on symptoms, treatment mainly with synthetic chemicals in pill form which our body rejects more than accepts.  Depression, joint pain, insomnia...these all had emotional roots for me which reared their head again after a deep loss for me.  Releasing of that loss & allowing emotional healing & balance through Reiki& shaman practices not only brought the beginning of physical symptoms to ease, but a deeper sense of peace for me to function on a daily basis.  We are "fearfully & wonderfully made", we are multi-dimensional.  Treating only physical symptoms with a chemical compound has it's place on occasion, but to look deeper, inside oneself & reach out for spiritual & emotional healing requires effort & great rewards. Looking forward to future sessions!" - Kay

"Your yoga class is really good medicine! It's like nourishment the body needs."  - Bill