Angels Landing Yoga and Healing -

Sacred Goddess Circle 

Our inner Divine Goddess..let's talk with her, let's connect with her and let's dance with her. This is an interactive workshop that will continue each month connecting with a different Goddess. When we find her, we also find her within ourselves. This will help us to develop a relationship with ourselves, find our sensuality, our strength, our beauty, our self love and our self esteem. It will strengthen our intuition, and it will help us figure out who we are and how we walk in this world and it will teach us to honor ourselves. We will then shift, grow and transform into our true essence of feminine.
We will do this through various methods of lecture, meditation, ritual and ceremony, mudras, chants, and dance.(No experience needed!) We will learn how to honor the ancient ones in our modern day lives. I welcome you..I invite meet your inner Goddess, as we dance together through this journey..
You may attend these in person or virtually, on line. With each one, you will leave with homework for yourself, and tools to work with.  In person  attendances will receive some of these tools as gifts during the class.  

 This is meant to help us stay connected, stay in relationship and have the support that you need! You may also join our private facebook group!

June Goddess -This month's goddess is a water goddess. (Her name will be given at the class) She brings gifts of strength, pearls of wisdom and shows you how to reach these within you. Have you been feeling stuck, stagnant or uninspired? She will show you how to create and flow once again along with more. We will learn to connect with her through dance, music, scent, crystals or altar tools, meditation, tarot, ritual and ceremony. We will support each other and share openly, honestly, lovingly and safely.