Angels Landing Yoga and Healing -
Long Distant Intuitive Healing Sessions
Distant sessions can be a combination of all of my healing tools, reiki, shamanic healing, intuitive channeling and angel cards.  I will spend approx 1 hour, sending healing, scanning for what Spirit is allowing me to know that is important to the healing session. I will simply be the channel and the messenger.
I will begin with sending Reiki to the person involved along with other affected or involved. For example, if someone were in an accident and having surgery, I would send Distant Reiki to the victim and any others involved in the accident, to the caregivers, drs and nurses and to the families involved.
After sending the Reiki I will scan the person looking for anything imperative that needs to have energy sent.
I will then ask for guidance for any other healing that needs to be done. If directed, I will also use my Shaman Healing techniques.
During the session or at the end I will use my Angel cards for any guidance or messages from the angels as to what this person needs.
This will follow with a video or phone call discussing the session and what had occurred. I will offer coaching to support your healing and empowerment following the session.
Please know that I am not a medical professional and this is not to replace any medical care. This is a compliment that can help speed up the healing. Also understand that I cannot interfere with free will. If this person does not want healing, it will not go there. Whatever is meant to be will be. This healing is always for the highest good of all concerned.
Intuitive healing sessions can help decrease pain, speed healing on all levels(mind, body and spirit) and begin to mend emotional wounds that sometime affect the physical body that were possibly the cause to begin with.
Long Distant Healing session with card reading, approx. 75-90min - $99
Package pricing 4 for $360