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Class Schedule, Workshops, Events and descriptions:

Due to remodel of the studio in progress..
Classes will temporarily be held at Two Rivers Community House and Senior Center. 

NOVEMBER / DECEMBER CLASSES Update-Two Rivers Community House


Tues Nov 27, Yin Relaxation Yoga, 6:00pm-7:15om, Library Room(off of senior center)

Sat, Dec 1st, Pilates 8:15-8:50am, Library Room
Sat, Dec 1st, Hatha Yoga 9am-10:15am, Library Room

Tues, Dec 4th, Relaxation Yin Yoga 6pm-7:15pm, Library Room

Sat, Dec 8th, Pilates 8:15-8:50am, Library Room
Sat, Dec 8th, Hatha Yoga 9am-10:15am, Library Room

Tues, Dec 11th, Relaxation Yin Yoga 6pm-7:15pm, Library Room

Sat, Dec 15th, Pilates 8:15-8:50am, Library Room
Sat, Dec 15th, Hatha Yoga 9am-10:15am, Library Room

Tues, Dec 18th, Relaxation Yin Yoga 6pm-7:15pm, Library Room

Sat, Dec 22nd, Pilates 8:15-8:50am, Library Room
Sat, Dec 22nd, Hatha Yoga 9am-10:15am, Library Room

Sat, Dec 29th, Pilates 8:15-8:50am, Library Room
Sat, Dec 29th, Hatha Yoga 9am-10:15am, Library Room

These classes are my classes, just located at the Community House. You may have classes still left over. so come to class and use them up, while giving your mind, body and spirit some much needed attention!
Remember to bring your own mat (Or let me know in advance and Ill bring one for you).


~ Paula 

Feel free to message me with questions.

    Yin Relaxation Yoga
    Using gentle yoga and restorative poses, this yin based  class will stretch, twist, detox the effects of stress and help you to relax and restore mind, body and spirit! All levels welcome!

    Beginner-Intermediate Mat Pilates

    Strengthen your mind body connection, and your core. Your core begins at your abdominals and ends at your knees. Use this class to prevent or correct back pain and problems.
    The results are improved posture, strength, endurance, improved posture, toning and awareness of your body.

    Hatha Yoga 
    This yin/yang class will help you to build strength, endurance and focus while connecting the breath to flowing movements and long holds. It usually includes, sequences, vinyasas, and some smiling! Sometimes includes sound vibration, and little splashes of fun while getting an moderate workout. We will end with a gentle guided meditation and centering of your breath for
    Especially powerful with Pilates class before hand.
                                                Goddess Yoga Dance

    Goddess Dance is a class that will incorporate free dance, yoga, sound vibration, laughter, belly dance, bhangra dance (bollywood), playfulness, and winstons(kegals) and possibly sacred chat. We will set the intention to find our inner goddess and our inner little girl, and connect with them, embracing our femininity while detoxing and having fun!
    This class is offered in two introduction classes. The first class is Monday, Dec 10th 6:00-7:15pm, and the second class will be offered Monday, Dec 17th 6:00pm-7:15pm at the Two Rivers Community House, inThe Library Room or Koska rm(senior center). 
    In January, these classes will be offered on a regular schedule

    .Cost of this class $12

    You will only need to bring yourself and water. Possibly a towel for sweating.
                             Reiki I Practitioner

    Learn how to use this Japanese art of hands on energy healing discovered by Dr Mikao Usui. You will learn to give partial and full sessions and self treatments. You will receive an attunement to open a channel for the energy to flow and assists in raising your vibration to be more "in tune" with the universe. You will learn about the Chakra system and its correlation with the endocrine system, our emotions and the effects they have on our health. You will also learn how you can apply Reiki to your everyday life and jobs.

    Wed, Dec 5th 5:30-9
    Thurs, Dec 6th 6pm-9
    *Location will be announced but will be in Two Rivers

    $175 includes manual and certificate, Cash or check will be due on the first day. If you wish to pay with credit card, you can use the following link:

    RSVP to by 12/3/2018

    Watch for more dates or email if interested 

                             Reiki II Practitioner

    If you are a level I Reiki Practitioner and wish to deepen your practice, join me on continuing your healing journey. In Reiki II, you will be taught 3 symbols passed down from Dr Mikao Usui, the founder of Reiki. You will receive another attunement that will "boost" your healing ability, and increase your intuitive skills. You will learn how to perform distant healing along with acquiring different techniques. 

    Cost: $175, manual, lunch and refreshments included