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Class Schedule, Workshops, Events and descriptions:

STUDIO CLOSED FOR ENHANCEMENTS. We apologize for the inconvenience and sincerely appreciate your understanding!

 April class schedule update! ·Update! Renovations are still in progress! Hope to be back in the studio soon!

Classes will temporarily be held at Two Rivers Community House and Senior Center. Please see the schedule below for April! 

Tues, April 1 , Relaxation Yoga, Behringer Room 6:30-7:45pm

Saturday, April 7th, Pilates, 8:15-8:50am, Hatha Yoga 9-10:15am, The LOFT(3rd floor)*

Tues, April 10th , Relaxation Yoga, Behringer Room 6:30-7:45pm

Saturday, April 14th No classes

Tues, April 17th , Relaxation Yoga, Behringer Room 6:30-7:45pm

Saturday, April 21st,Pilates, 8:15-8:50am, Hatha Yoga 9-10:15am, The Library Room

Tues, April 24th , Relaxation Yoga, Behringer Room 6:30-7:45pm

Saturday, April 28th,Pilates, 8:15-8:50am, Hatha Yoga 9-10:15am, The Library Room

Please remember to bring your own mats or any other supplies you may need
Thank you again for your patience, during our remodel

Group Class  Descriptions:

    Relaxation Yin Yoga
     Tuesday 6:30pm-7:45pm

    Using gentle yoga and restorative poses, this yin based  class will stretch, twist, detox the effects of stress and help you to relax and restore mind, body and spirit! All levels welcome!
    This is also a great class to take if you are at a beginner level.

    Beginner-Intermediate Mat Pilates
     Saturdays  8:15am-8:50 am

    Mat Pilates was invented by Joseph Pilates. It is used to
    strengthen your mind body connection, and your core. Your core begins at your abdominals and ends at your knees.
    When these muscles are strengthened, you actually bring balance to the body taking the unbalanced pressure off of the back.
    The results are improved posture, strength, endurance, toning and awareness of your body.

    Hatha Yoga 
    Saturdays 9:00am-10:15am

    This yin/yang class will help you to build strength, endurance and focus while connecting the breath to flowing movements and long holds. It usually includes, sequences, vinyasas, and some smiling! Sometimes includes sound vibration, and little splashes of fun while getting an moderate workout. We will end with a gentle guided meditation and centering of your breath for
    Savasana.  Great way to start a Saturday!
    Especially powerful with Pilates class before hand.


    Sacred Goddess Circle and Dance 
    Spring Session

    Our inner Divine Goddess..let's talk with her, let's connect with her and let's dance with her. This is an interactive workshop series of 9 classes total that will continue each month connecting with a different Goddess. When we find her, we also find her within ourselves. This will help us to develop a relationship with ourselves, find our sensuality, our strength, our beauty, our self love and our self esteem. It will strengthen our intuition, and it will help us figure out who we are and how we walk in this world and it will teach us to honor ourselves. We will then shift, grow and transform into our true essence of feminine.
    We will do this through various methods of lecture, meditation, ritual and ceremony, mudras, chants, and dance.(No experience needed!) We will learn how to honor the ancient ones in our modern day lives. I welcome you..I invite meet your inner Goddess, as we dance together through this journey..

    With each one, you will leave with homework for yourself, and tools work with that I refer to as gifts. If you miss one, I will still provide the tools and teachings to the best that I can but you will be responsible for seeking out the information.
    This will include membership into our Sacred Goddess Circle Facebook group that is private only for us goddesses. This is meant to help us stay connected and support one another.

    Cost is $197 for each season, consisting of 3 workshops per season. There are 3 seasons, Spring, Summer and Fall, which gives a total of 9 workshops at the end of the year. If you wish to pay for all 3 seasons ( 9 workshops), it is a reduced fee of $503.00.

    Here is the link for the Spring session of 3 classes.
    Here is the link for paying for the Spring, Summer and Fall sessions of 9 classes

    The dates for the following seasons are:

    Spring- March 28th 6:15-8:45, April 27th 6:15-8:45, May 16, 6:15-8:45pm
    Summer- June 21st or Thurs June 28th, July 25th, Aug 29th
    Fall-Sept 21st, 22nd or 24th, Oct 24th or Oct 22nd, Nov 16th

    All RSVPs must be paid for through the ticket link or you may mail a check if you prefer,please let me know if you prefer that. If payment arrangements are needed please let me know and I am happy to work with you.


                                                Reiki I Practitioner

    Learn how to use this Japanese art of hands on energy healing discovered by Dr Mikao Usui. You will learn to give partial and full sessions and self treatments. You will receive an attunement to open a channel for the energy to flow and assists in raising your vibration to be more "in tune" with the universe. You will learn about the Chakra system and its correlation with the endocrine system, our emotions and the effects they have on our health. You will also learn how you can apply Reiki to your everyday life and jobs.
    Next date to be announced
    Cost: $175,
    Manual, light lunch or snacks, water and tea included

    Watch for more dates or email if interested 

                             Reiki II Practitioner

    If you are a level I Reiki Practitioner and wish to deepen your practice, join me on continuing your healing journey. In Reiki II, you will be taught 3 symbols passed down from Dr Mikao Usui, the founder of Reiki. You will receive another attunement that will "boost" your healing ability, and increase your intuitive skills. You will learn how to perform distant healing along with acquiring different techniques. 
    Next date to be announced

    Cost: $175, manual, lunch and refreshments included

     Watch for more dates or email if interested